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tv   [untitled]    May 26, 2013 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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low income tenant to make sure they have a path forward. chief sir, and i, of course, having working close together with all of you watch and witnessing the bombings in boston again, i want to give my son sympathy to those folks we're having our own marathon and the america's cup and countless other neighborhood and musical events we host and the chief and i were in washington,
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d.c. in concert with all if you have provided in those events inform put forth our need for federal support. we're going to continue that effort it's hard in this era sequestration. and i think the public and visitor to our city deserve safety. so also as a result of board president chiu and in constant conversation with our d e m along with the police and fire chief we want to signal to you to make sure our radio systems are updated right away our
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system is 13 years old a he if you're already on your cell phone you're on the third ongoing years of the changing. we need this up grating we've learned that communication is the first thing we depend upon. and our emergency facilities are necessarily and we'll outline a specific timeframe for that to happen. we're already working on radio systems and the ata and the agencies want to be connected the police and fire and the emergency responders have to
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have a radio system we can depend on that about so next week we have the gone gate exercise and we're ready for that and we'll know that exercise will again be responsive to the expected earthquake in san francisco and all the attributes of meeting in our emergency center to constantly conduct and ready ourselves and i'll be glad to be participating in that. we'll be conducting a mass exercise i'd like to know where the menu is whether it will be a much more productive robust menu
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but it's to test our ability to feed mass numbers of people and i'm glad we're doing it at tenderloin and with the practice we have many weekends we're feeding the poor but we need to feed whole masss of people so practicing that means we'll get it right. and finally, the other announcements i want to make it again, i've asked and appreciated the work of our city administrator to head up the lifelines council. while we're all watching boston we know what happened in san jose it involved but pg&e and i want you know know our lifeline
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emergency services. we're focused on the lifelines council we at one point make sure not just our water and sewer but ear electrical services our would it be fair to say that serve ♪ the private sector can get to those areas when there are events that occur we have to thibe on top of that. so those are all the things i wanted to report on and keep abreast of the practice, practice, practice sessions and the more we face the
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ineventually, we'll be ready so our public deserves this thanks everybody for work. >> mr. mayor you'll be hearing presentations on some of the subjects that the mayor touched on today. i'll be brief i want to give an update on the bay project. this is the recreational data communications system that will allow responders to communicate on a smart type of device so the realtime video the apps are being refined we've got to
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grants to start to bill this out there's been a lot of braerts in washington. basically, it's been on hold because of the first net through congress and they don't want any more projects until they're up and running. we're both to - hoping to get a lease to start the project and we're very positive because washington, d.c. and the first net board has showed that they really like we've been working with our system so it will be in place in 2015. i want to show you a video on s
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f 32. we put a number of press articles that have been in the newspapers the last couple of months and one of the featured stories is about sf 72 we'll come back at the next disaster meeting could you put that on? from farmer's market >> and start out.
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the city might be the only thing we all have in common. that is our park. this is our park >> by living here we've all graced the life. even nature is ocean, >> the hills and the fault lines are san francisco too. so let's take care of the people >> let's take stock of our skills. >> let's not wait to find out how connected we are. together. together.
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together. >> so we're really excited about this campaign and basically, it's going to be a platform we can shire the existing resources we have we're moving away from you need to cut. you probably already have everything you inside in our home having a backpack is not going to prepare you it's reaching out to the neighbors and in advance.
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we're very excited you'll hear about it in 3 months when we have our next meeting. the next thing is the urban security initiative. you'll see that our funding has decreased offer the last 4 years and in fact the past year the allocation was reduced by 38 percent and fiscal year is to be announced may 20th. we've been working with fema so hopefully, we don't get reduced again but the mayor said because of sequestration the mayor made a trip to washington, d.c. and talked with janet napolitano
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>> we really needed to move forward in our projects and we had so many assets here that we need to protect we can't afford to be cut again. we'll let you know was we move forward lots of pieces and we hope no further cuts. and that includes my report. i think we can move right on to the public safety at mass gatherings. we put that on the agenda after the boston bombings. we have a meeting last week and many departments presented. we just ask for the police and fire to give very, very brief presentations on what we're doing to address special events
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but any of the rest of you who testified last meeting feel free to jump in from our prospective so i'm going to turn it over and here we go >> thank you and this is manage i think all of you know we're been doing a number of years now so we actually think about all this in advance. briefly our roll in the preevent is just bringing together the planning to help people connect and gather them up. we usually hold a planned meeting where we get everybody in the room and walk be through the plans so we don't have 3 different used for the same plot
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of ground and during the event we'll pull together people and provided cooperation. we'll pull together experience to test the plans in the assumptions. we did this last year for the america's cup and we've done a number of other experience that are relative to this it was a subsequence intoxicates and we touch on a a those issues f on a fairly regular basis. during the american cups is we looked at everything was normal we tested the crowd movement what do we need for a footprint
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for public safety maybe there was a protest all the way that to an explosion. this is very serious and we look at things like boston and renting no and give us a chance to tweak what we do and we have a pretty robust method to how we plan for these things. on the day we aclovate we - if it's a large meeting many of the public safety departments will be there whereas a smaller event like the fourth of july we'll
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maybe only have some many phone calls. the role of the emergency center is not a emergency center as such we leave the tactical command to the field be commander that have the on the ground view. thank you rob >> i believe next the police department is going to present. >> i'm john. okay planning i'll toward talking about whether this is a parade a marching a dignitary visit the streptomycin whether
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it's indoors a outdoors. and third it's itself history of the event who's the event organizer is there alcohol being served and is it a controversial group where we're going to have an opposing group come out. we get an overall plan with routes and permits requirement and staffing required specialized meeting meetings with the community groups in the effected area and all our city agencies that's going to be taking part and also the outside agencies. and finally an operation order is put together it's in this
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format and basically lays out the mission what everybody's doing and who the personnel are. that allows us to track the resources and identify the duties and responsibility of every one participating. here in san francisco we're home to about 3 hundred events. we could do thread he assessments on all the large events like 50 thousand people or more the breakers was connected by the liaison unit. the northern regional tlirns
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center. we're expecting about 1 hundred speak tars we began our planning{last year. now operational plans were revised since the boston attack. so this year's event it's going to be high voiblt we're taking our officers and awe signing them to an event and we have a tactical mounting units and our became techs are going to be on the scene and the k9s. we have the members of our violation reduction teems will be there and we will have communication vehicles and in
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addition we'll have recruits on line and because there's been so many problems with alcohol in the past and we will have officers to take action should there be something going on. we've reached out to allied agencies. this will be traveled by bus corridors. we're going to have parole weeks ago and then we're recreational police departments in the area to give us their bomb units we've got a lot of sfra extra bomb dangerous. the fbi will be present with
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assets. we'll have security cameras along the routes and also we'll be urging the austin matted license plate readers. and we're expecting a lot of calls for suspicious packages and that's basically the plan. we've identified alternative routes we'll have for the race if it needs to be change. okay. any questions? yes madam? >> are they're going to be any restrictions on backpacks. >> i've found it difficult to not allow the folks to have
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them. >> is there is special number to call? there's going to be so many cops at the scene just grab someone >> or call 9-1-1. >> or call 9-1-1. >> there's been a lot of questions about the civil liabilities restraints back backs were never ban it was a big discussion about the non registered returners would be prohibited from running. the size of the backpacks have
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been controlled from the ballparks forever. so going away for two week backpackers arrest the secret isn't in the plan but in the two plan. so we have is a ton of experience i'll bet you there's more people in the room that we've relied on in this room and everything brings the resources. one time there was this great guys at dw p whose done pretty well. but it's really, really important that whoever don't have to control the event it's great to have the resources but
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i can't even tell you how we appreciate the fact wherever we call delays are minimal and this is a reset after boston. there's no reason to believe there's going to be a problem it's just but reassuring the public >> thank you we're going to hear from the fire department and there will be a few minutes afterwards. >> thanks for having us. this is a quick overview. multiple factors is planning to
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a mass gathering either is a scheduled event or the spontaneousness event spontaneousness is not the way i want to get in the middle of whether it's a private vendor it's a primarily back up. what prior events is similar in 9-1-1 system what metrics the mass departments are going to be doing. the primary response to the responses. an analysis of the venue potential for problems from past events and jurisdiction responsibility and what kind of 0 assets we might need.
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the complexity of the event the legal factor specialized equipment and weather is considered. usually, we have departments that bring us together. this is a quick form that my deputies use whatever level it is what type of management structure and how many leadership roles we need to provide. and we have to follow the policy for minimum resources. those are some of our equipment. are those are our gators they can get folks transported to the
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hospital. had this is the multiple causality unit and also they, work backwards. our -- it's a coincides i used to work there. one of our rescue ballots and - boats. this is the 201 forms we use the same forms. in the a basically encouraged plan and this is the golden state bridge for an anniversary event. first, the parade celebration in 2010. someone made a great call and
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they put a big screen here so a lot of the crowds stayed back and it was safer. the public. and that's the end of my presentation i want to stress and reiterate what the mayor said we need to replace the old system. my questions on the presentation? >> bring up one issue the evaluation of folks in the city. i know that in boston they would take folks immediately to the hospital >> we have multiple as to the throughout the city. >> we recently were drilled. >> so there's no plan to even discuss putting a helicopter pad
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here. >> i don't know. >> that's an issue that's been discussed for years and years. >> that is an ongoing discussion. >> i think for over all safety of the city and residents at large we're trumped any kind of issues there and i think the litigations for a help out pad should be looked at. thank you chief gonzalez. under sheriff did you want to add with the sheriff's department? >> i think the chief will provide some more information.
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>> thank you. are there other departments that point to share your parts in special events that planning? any questions for our chiefs? yes >> i want to commend the chief for the work it looks great it looks responsive and they had a great plan and what happened to boston i think the public will be safer as a result. >> thank you. i agree. next on our agenda is the update and michelle is the project manager will be presenting. >> thank you.